You can use this hack if a program can not be removed from the Add/Remove Programs List because either the files required for uninstallation are no longer available or they have been corrupted.

Navigate to the following key(s):


Here on the left side, you will find the sub-keys containing installation information of the currently installed programs (somewhat like {7585478E9D9B42108671C12F8714CEFE}) under the main key Uninstall. On the right side you will find the corresponding values for each program. Look for the program name in the String value DisplayName, of a particular sub-key. Delete the entire sub-key (on the left side) if you wish to remove if from the Add/Remove Programs List. Log off and log in back again or restart your system for changes to take effect.

Be careful while deleting the keys, deleting a wrong key can cause serious problems.

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