You can the following as a security hack if you don’t want anyone to mess with your computer when you are not present. This hack will remove the drives from My Computer but they could be accessed from command prompt or from explorer by giving the path.

Navigate to the following key(s):


Here you will find a DWORD or Binary value called NoDrives. Delete this entry or change its value data to 0 to enable viewing all the drives in My Computer. Alternatively you can create this entry to hide the dives on your system. Here are the value data that you can use to hide your drives.

These are decimal value data, so you need to convert them into hex value data (hexadecimal value data) if you want to create the Binary entry. For the DWORD value, just select the base as “decimal” at the time of giving value data.

Decimal value = 2postition of drive letter in alphabet-1

e.g. if the drive you are trying to hide is C then the decimal value for the entry will be

= 23-1

= 22

= 4

Similarly for drive E, the value will be

= 25-1

= 24

= 16

If you want to hide two or more drives at the same time then simply add their decimal value data e.g. if you want drive C and D to be hidden in your My Computer then give the sum of their decimal value data i.e.

For drive C and D = 4 (C’s decimal value data) + 8 (D’s decimal value data)

= 12 (decimal value data)

To hide all the drives use 67108863 (decimal value data) or 03ffffff (hexadecimal value data). Log off and log in back again or restart your system for changes to take effect.

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