Usage Conventions

1. The Windows Registry Contains 5 hives in which all the registries are distributed. I have abbreviated the name of these hives for the rest of the website as follows:






So the key:




2. If changing the registry doesn’t seem to work try restarting the PC even if not explicitly mentioned in the hack.

3. If a key required for a hack is not present in the Registry then create the key yourself.

4. Avoid applying too many hacks at once. This will help in backtracking a non productive hack.

5. The hacks involving registry editing can also be applied by the user himself as security measures.

6. Almost all of the tweaks and hacks below are based on Windows Registry. To know how to create, edit and backup registry and other things about registry handling visit Registry Basics.

Troubleshooting Topics

  1. Fix – Folder Options Not Available.

  2. Fix -Task Manager Is Disabled.

  3. How To – Disable Most Frequent Programs List In Start Menu (XP Start Menu Only).

  4. How To – Disable Pinned Programs List In Start Menu (XP Start Menu Only)

  5. Fix – Cannot Enable Viewing Of Hidden Folders.

  6. Fix – Local And Network Drives Are Not Visible.

  7. Fix – Registry Editor Is Disabled.

  8. Optimize – Restore Folders Upon Windows Startup.

  9. How To – Hide Control Panel Applets.

  10. How To – Remove Hand From Shared Drive’s Icon.

  11. Fix – Cannot Shut Down Computer.

  12. Optimize – Terminate Applications Faster During Shutdown.

  13. Optimize – Disable Automatic Reboot After A Crash.

  14. Fix – No Run Command In Start Menu And Task Manager.

  15. Optimize – Change The Location Of Windows User Shell Folders (My Documents, Desktop Etc.).

  16. Fix – Can Not View Display Control Panel.

  17. Fix – Can Not View Screen Saver Tab In Display Properties.

  18. Optimize – Decrease Menu Show Delay.

  19. Optimize – Automatically End Non Responsive Programs.

  20. How To – Hide Drives In My Computer.

  21. Optimize – Remove Programs In Add/Remove Program List.

  22. Fix – Windows Update Disabled.

  23. Fix – Properties Option Disabled In Right Click Context Menu Of My Computer.

  24. Fix – Right Click Disabled.

  25. Fix – Can Not View All Programs.

  26. How To – Apply Restrictions On Certain Applications.

  27. Optimize – Disable Low Disk Space Check.

  28. How To – Disable System Beep.

  29. Optimize – Increase The No Of Folders For XP To Remember Settings.

  30. Fix – Can Not View “New” Option In Right-Click Context Menu.

  31. Fix – Can Not View File Menu In Explorer.

  32. Fix – Can Not Add A Printer.

  33. Fix – Can Not Access Active Desktop, Thumbnail View And Quick Launch Toolbar.

  34. Fix – Cannot Access Toolbars In Right-Click Context Menu Of Taskbar.

  35. Fix – Cannot Access Search In The Start Menu.

  36. Optimize – Change Default Location Of Windows Installation Files.

  37. Optimize – Automatically Refresh Windows.

  38. How To – Add “Open Command Window Here” In Right-Click Context Menu.

  39. How To – Disable Balloon Reminder For MSN Messenger.

  40. Optimize – Modify Default Search Options In Windows.

  41. How To – Change Location Of Program Files And Common Files Directory.

  42. Fix – System Tray Icons Disabled.

  43. Fix – Can Not Delete A Printer.

  44. Fix – No User Name In The Start Menu.

  45. Fix – No Folders In Setting Options Of Classic Start Menu.

  46. Fix – Recent Documents Not Showing.

  47. Optimize – Remove Programs From Startup.

  48. Optimize – Turn Off Windows Animation.

  49. Optimize – Disable Error Messages While Booting.

  50. Optimize – Disable Desktop Cleanup Wizard.

  51. Fix – No Desktop Tab In Display Properties.

  52. Optimize – Disable Thumbnail Caching.

  53. Fix – No Appearance Tab In Display Properties.

  54. Optimize – Unload DLL Files From Memory Automatically.

  55. Optimize – Run 16 Bit Applications In Separate Process.

  56. Fix – No Settings Tab In Display Properties.

  57. Optimize – Disable User Tracking.

  58. Optimize – Optimization Of Boot Files (Load Windows Faster).

  59. Optimize – Add A Custom Folder To My Computer Or Desktop.

  60. Optimize – Add “Copy To/Move To” To The Right-Click Context Menu.

  61. Optimize – Optimize System Cache.

  62. Optimize – Remove Unwanted Places From Microsoft Office “Open/Save” Places Bar.

  63. Optimize – Disable Balloon Tips.

  64. Optimize – Disable Error Reporting.

  65. Optimize – Enable Prefetcher To Load Applications Faster.

  66. Optimize – Keep Entire Kernel In RAM.

****More stuff coming up shortly****

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