Hi friends I am starting this page for Windows XP troubleshooting. I know there are no of other people doing the same thing but I strongly feel to chip in my contribution. During my college days one of my regulars was to explore my friends PC’s for errors and problems and the “safe and secure” XP gave me quite a pastime. So I am sharing all the common problems occurring in Windows XP and I will keep on updating problems errors or hacks as and when I find them. Bye for now, happy troubleshooting!!

Part I

Registry Basics:

The page contains the basics of Registry for new users, to get them familiar with the know how of Windows XP Registry and various related technical terms.

Part II

Troubleshooting Page:

This page contains various Windows XP Troubleshooting topics.

Disclaimer: The information presented in this post is not my original creation. I have collected all these hacks and tweaks from Internet and from my personal experience.