I was home as usual when I saw the news about the nationwide Band(that is a term generally used for creating nonsense, getting on the roads in masses and disturbing normal lifestyle, without any reason, except political) initiated by the workers of a leading political party. The reason, without a surprise was the current turbulence going on, in Jammu & Kashmir. Within an hour the whole city was affected. The major roads and crossings were targeted for the protest, busiest roads were blocked resulting in total chaos. This nuisance continued for more than two hours in various places across the country. Majority of the working class in Delhi was affected. A 70 yr old heart patient even died because the ambulance taking him to a hospital was not able to make it through the jams caused by the Band. Many people were late for their work or could make it at all. And the good old monsoon was a cherry on the top, making the Delhi roads even more messed up.

Another protest which took place few days ago when Sikh protesters attacked a cinema hall during the screening of the movie Singh is Kinng. The protesters were demanding the editing of few objectionable scenes from the movie. The cinema hall was shattered and was warned not to show the movie.

We all remember the havoc created by the Meena Community in Rajesthan few months back. That protest caused millions to the government, took away life of innocent people who, perhaps did not even understand the cause behind it.

The so called protest in Jammu & Kashmir is getting uglier by the day. Thousands of people have been suffered, 35 dead and still counting. The normal life has been devastated. Ask a five year old why he is not allowed to go outside and play, why he can not go to school and he will have no clue.

So why disagreement (sounds much peaceful isn’t it) of one person or a community with an issue results in the problems and crisis of other people or the entire country. I seriously don’t understand why people keep forgetting the fine balance between rights and duties. Between violence and civil disobedience. Our country has given us the freedom of expression. We have the right to resist to the unjust. But rather than using it for the benefit of our own, people end up creating problems for each other. Why don’t we think about those people who have nothing to do with our protests and suffer without any reason? The damage we do to our own society financially, socially, and morally. Why don’t we think about the person and his family who was in that ambulance that day, what was his fault?

Next time you step out to get heard, think about it.