You can not have the whole world. It’s too big, even for you Mr. Bush. The US presidential elections are due in November and Bush’s term is coming to an end. Yet he is in no mood to settle down. He is sending more and more troops to Iraq. Not only that, he authorised attacks into Pakistan as per a changed policy which says the attacks are to eliminate the Al Qaeda militants hiding in Pakistan. I say wtf! Don’t you guys have enough problems at home?

You play with fire and you pay the price with burnt hands. Pakistan is realising this (or perhaps not) the hard way. Even after the Pakistani army chief threatened to take serious steps if America didn’t stop attacking on the North-Western borders, US army again attacked on Waziristan. Much to the anger of the army chief there is nothing Pakistan can do as it appears. America has been a supporter of Pakistan for long and now this is how Pakistan is paying back. The eyes are now on the newly elected president Asif Zardari if he can take a strong stand on this and tell them to go home. But I am afraid that’s not going to happen.

Leave aside Bush, the republican running mate Sarah Palin said in an interview that the option for war with Russia is open if it attacks the neighbouring country Georgia. I mean come on! You are not in power yet! Why can’t you think of something that will benefit your country? Err… but isn’t that what you have in mind when you say or do all these things? There is more you can help your country with, rather than crude oil or capturing land with strategic importance outside country.

I just hope that Obama comes with a little more sense or should I say less of ambitions like the current government.