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Yup its official! Airtel launched the much awaited Apple iPhone on August 22nd for its customers. The iPhone made quite a show even before it was launched here in India. The news channels were filled with all kinds of discussions with the tech gurus debating the various features and shortcomings of this phone from Apple. The hype was obvious because of the cult value of the Apple products. The iPhone launch was eagerly awaited since the time of its release outside India. Airtel also started 3G services like high speed downloading and GPS with the release of the iPhone. This has also started a race amongst the global mobile manufactures to make a full featured 3G device and to survive in the Indian mobile phone market.

Samsung and Nokia have come up with there version of next-gen smartphones as well. Samsung’s i900 (OMNIA) promises great features with a sleek design and attractive interface. Nokia’s next member in the N Series is the N96 which is to be launched on September 1st, 2008. Nokia is also planning for a midnight launch, first of its kind, for a phone here in India.

But amongst all the excitement and thrill the question remains, which one to go for? While one has been the eye-candy of the year, the other promises to give you all the best features and the third come with the trademark of durability and customer satisfaction.

So here we are looking at what could be the three most sought after gadgets in India this year. Let’s see what each of them has to offer or more importantly what not to

The Apple iPhone


1. Multi-finger touchscreen.

2. Customisable home screen.

3. 3.5 inch display.

4. 2 megapixel camera.

5. GPS and AGPS for navigation.

6. 3G support for videos and games

7. Sensor with automatically adjusts light in accordance with surrounding light.

8. Automatically adjusting screen with the position of handset.

9. Geo-tagging of photos.

10. Built in iPod.


8GB for Rs. 31,000

16GB for Rs. 36,000

Service Providers:

Airtel and Vodafone.

What’s hot:

  • Superb interface, excellent touchscreen features.

What’s not:

  • Services only provided with Airtel and Vodafone.

  • Only Apple can change the batteries.

  • High price (the cost is around Rs. 8000 in US).

  • No bluetooth connectivity.

  • No option for forwarding messages.

  • Lack of corporate applications.

Nokia N96


1. Location tagging of pictures.

2. 5 megapixel camera.

3. 2.8 inch display.

4. AGPS compatible.

5. Nokia’s Internet Radio Service.

6. Offline radio and video.

7. Dedicated multimedia keys.

8. Ngage platform based games.

9. Digital video broadcasting.

10. Wireless internet.

11. 16GB internal memory.

12. Symbian OS.

13. Bluetooth enabled.


Rs. 35000(exclusive of taxes).

What’s hot:

  • Easily available through dealers across India.

  • 2. High resolution camera.

  • 3. Not dependent on particular operators.

  • 4. High Storage.

  • 5. Corporate applications.

What’s not:

  • 1. High pricing.

  • 2. No touch screen.

Samsung i900 OMNIA


1. 3.2 inch display.

2. 5 megapixel camera.

3. 8GB and 16GB versions with extendable memory.

4. GPS navigation.

5. Windows Mobile 6.1 OS.

6. 3G support.

7. Geo tagging of pictures.


Rs. 40,000

What’s hot:

  • 1. Sleek design.

  • 2. High storage.

  • 3. User interface with widgets.

  • 4. Not dependent on particular operators.

What’s not:

  • High pricing.

  • Lack of games.

Hi friends I am starting this page for Windows XP troubleshooting. I know there are no of other people doing the same thing but I strongly feel to chip in my contribution. During my college days one of my regulars was to explore my friends PC’s for errors and problems and the “safe and secure” XP gave me quite a pastime. So I am sharing all the common problems occurring in Windows XP and I will keep on updating problems errors or hacks as and when I find them. Bye for now, happy troubleshooting!!

Part I

Registry Basics:

The page contains the basics of Registry for new users, to get them familiar with the know how of Windows XP Registry and various related technical terms.

Part II

Troubleshooting Page:

This page contains various Windows XP Troubleshooting topics.

Disclaimer: The information presented in this post is not my original creation. I have collected all these hacks and tweaks from Internet and from my personal experience.